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Recorder 2002 Documentation

The following table provides information about the select library of written guides and tutorials covering aspects of Recorder 2002 functionality. It includes a description of the tutorial, the version of Recorder for which it was written and the date written. You can sort on the column headers to assist you in locating the documents that you require. Click on the relevant links in the table to download or view the document online. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the downloaded documents.
DownloadView OnlineDocument_TitleDescriptionDate
DownloadDesigning a report layout in Recorder 2000Introduction to usng the report designer in Recorder 2000/2002 to produce a report layout2001 October
DownloadTransferring data from Recorder 3.4 to Recorder 2002Provides guidance on transferring data from recorder 3.4 to Recorder 20022002
DownloadSQL Reports AddinThis document provides guidance on how to use the SQL Reports addin. The addin provides the ability to run queries stored in the main Access 97 database (nbndata.mdb) and print the results table, or save it in a variety of file formats including Excel spreadsheet or a table in a Word document.2002
DownloadRecorder 2000 Introduction BookletAn introduction to Recorder 2000, includes contents of the install CD2000
DownloadLinking Recorder 2000 with MapInfoBrief technical guide to extracting data from Recorder 2000 and importing it and modifying it in MapInfo2003 June
DownloadView OnlineRecorder 6 for Recorder 2002 UsersIntroduction to the new functionality of Recorder 6 and the differences between Recorder 2002 and Recorder 6. Written mainly as a guide for Recorder 2002 users who are considering migration to Recorder 62009 March
DownloadMicrosoft Access in Recorder 2002Introduction to querying the Recorder database (NBNData) for more specialised reporting in Recorder 62005 March
DownloadView OnlineData Transfer from Recorder 2002 to Recorder 6This document provides guidance on how to transfer data from Recorder 2002 to Recorder 6. It has been recently updated for version 6.13.22009 March