JNCC's Annual Report 2007/2008 now available

Plight of the orangutan inspires cover of our review of the year

Front cover of JNCC's Annual Report 2007/2008


The natural habitat of the orangutan is rapidly being eradicated, as vast swathes of tropical forest in south-east Asia are destroyed to make way for lucrative palm oil plantations.  This was the starting point for the evolution of the design of this year’s JNCC Annual Report.


On the outer cover, we have a close-up picture of a palm leaf – into which, along its pattern of leaves, are cut-outs that add to the mystery of the image on the inside – when we open the book we find a mournful orangutan surrounded by flames, merely hinted at in what we could see through the outer cover’s foliage.  Indeed, are these just lines between leaves?  To some they could be the bars of a prison cell, the orangutan hopelessly entrapped by what is going on around him.


State-of-the-art technology has been used to realise these cuts in the outer cover.  It has been achieved using mixed-gas laser cutting, which also means that these cuts are themselves slightly burned at the edges via this process, echoing the destruction of orangutan habitat.


Within the publication’s total of 88 pages you will find not only highlights from JNCC’s completed projects and ongoing work, but also our full accounts for the financial year.


Copies may be requested from  or purchased online – as always, an electronic version of the title is also available.


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Head of Communications

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