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IUCN UK Committee – parliamentary seminar


Chair of the UK Committee Chris Mahon (centre), JNCC Chair Peter Bridgewater (second from left) and attendees of the All-Party Parliamentary Seminar on Countdown 2010In April, JNCC Chairman Peter Bridgewater was a speaker at an IUCN UK Committee seminar (to which JNCC provides the secretariat) for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Wildlife and  Conservation.


Chaired by the Rt Hon Angela Smith MP, the seminar addressed the UK’s progress towards meeting the targets adopted to halt or reduce the rate of biodiversity loss by 2010 – a date that is rapidly approaching.


Parliamentarians from the Commons and the Lords had the opportunity to hear about the wider global picture from Professor Gordon McGregor Reid. Biodiversity in the UK Overseas Territories was explored by Dr Mike Pienkowski and a case study of shark fisheries in the NE Atlantic was presented by Sarah Fowler. Chair, Chris Mahon, gave an overview of the work of the UK Committee. 


Peter Bridgewater spoke about the need to properly value, in economic terms, ecosystem services and noted that both biodiversity scientists and economists have to adapt to the new and rapidly changing milieu.  Business as usual means ultimately no business at all.  It is hoped that the workshop may enable some of the topics addressed to be explored further within a parliamentary context.


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