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Fast and accurate import of data from other sources

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The import wizard facility allows the fast and accurate import of datasets from a number of sources (e.g. Recorder, MapMate) in a variety of formats such as Excel spreadsheets, Access databases and csv files. Beneficial aspects of this key feature include: 


Matching names import wizard

  • New, even faster bulk import routine in the Import Wizard - In the next version, 6.14, there has been significant investment in a vastly improved data import functionality which imports larger datasets at a far greater speed whilst retaining the accuracy and simple validation of the previous version.


  • Accurate matching of species names to the species dictionary - This functionality within the wizard ensures the accuracy of the data import: meaning that species names are spelt correctly and are up-to-date. You can match against 'All preferred lists' or use a single list to search for matches within the import wizard and additionally you can browse to the taxon dictionary and select the correct species match. 


  • Matches made in the import wizard are remembered - Once names and locations are matched within an import Recorder remembers these which saves time and increases efficiency (these remembered matches are highlighted in green to enable further maunal validation). Further to this, a new facility introduced in 6.14 enables work completed on an import to be saved part way through the process to a temporary database thus saving further time and duplication of effort in the event of power failure or if data errors need to be resolved prior to import.


  •  Associate data with locations - During the import process data can be linked to existing locations in the Recorder database as well as being associated with locations newly created during the import.


error highlight import wizard

  • Effective validation ensures correct formatting of grid references and dates - Within the import process the data is checked using simple but effective validation including the highlighting of unexpected formats within different data columns (eg grid references and dates).


  • Checks for duplicates and invalid items - The wizard checks for duplicates within the data being imported and flags up  invalid items according to the simple validation checks. The flexibility of the imort wizard means that you can view the invalid and duplicate items and decide how to handle them.


  • Good interpretation of names of individual Recorders - The import wizard is able to recognise and handle effectively multiple names within a field.