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Flexible reporting framework

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Recorder provides an increasing range of flexible reporting options which enable the user to report directly from the application within the user interface (using the report wizard and xml reports) as well as the ability to query the linked Access database directly behind the scenes. The main beneficial aspects of this key feature include:



complex filter report wizard

  • Tailored reports using the report wizard - The report wizard allows users to identify what they wish to report on and tailor the report to their needs using the condition/constraint filters (eg exclude confidential information) and by selecting the required attributes. 



  • Ability to save the tailored report as a template for future use - The details chosen can then be saved as a template for further use which is a particularly useful feature for increasing efficiency if a report is run on a regular basis.



  • Suite of custom-built XML reports provided with Recorder - These are run from within the user interface and include reports on species, biotopes, sites, designations, database statistics, housekeeping, polygons, bounding boxes, grid squares, rucksacks and locations as well as several example reports.



  • Xml reports can be written by the knowledgeable user (or commissioned) to meet specific requirements -  These reports are fairly easy to write if you have the skills and documentation is available to make this area more accessible.  Additonally, there are experts that can provide reports to meet your needs.



  • Export report results to a range of formats - The resulting outputs from both the report wizard and the xml reports can be exported in a range of formats including Esri shape files, excel spreadsheets, text files, and directly to Google Earth.


designation sets in report wizard


  • Accurate reporting on species designations - Version, 6.14, includes new functionality within the report wizard for reporting on species designations using sets which group together useful designations to make reporting easier and more transparent. The sets include: All UK Legally Prtotected species, All European designated species, Country Biodiversity Lists, Farmland Evironment Planning and a set to assist with planning applications. Flexibility is ensured as whole sets, parts of sets and multiple sets can be chosen on which to report.


  • Users can also download a growing number of additional reports, rucksacks and recording cards supplied by JNCC and other users from the User Files section of this website.