Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) Courses


The primary function of Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs) onboard seismic survey vessels is to monitor for marine mammals and ensure that the survey is conducted in compliance with the JNCC guidelines for minimising the risk of injury and disturbance to marine mammals. It is a prerequisite for all MMOs working in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) to have been trained on a course that has been recognised by JNCC.


Please note that JNCC does not recognise MMO courses for observers working outside of the UKCS. JNCC is a statutory advisor to UK Government (and devolved administrations) and as such the MMO courses recognised by JNCC and registered on our website are only relevant to the UKCS.


The JNCC recognised MMO courses explain the rationale and requirements of the JNCC guidelines so that upon completion, attendees know how to perform the duties of an MMO. The courses provide background information that is relevant to the understanding of the guidelines and duties of the MMO and cover a wide range of aspects including, but not restricted to: the types of seismic surveys used in the offshore industry (i.e. 2D, 3D, VSP etc), identification of marine mammals common to the UKCS, aspects relating to the ecology of marine mammals (e.g. behaviour, utility of sound, distribution, migration etc), instruction on how to complete the standard JNCC recording forms and the type of information to include within the MMO report. The course may also include a basic introduction to acoustic detection techniques for cetaceans (e.g. Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM)) if appropriate. However, please note that the JNCC do not recognise any PAM courses. An outline of the standards we look for in the MMO courses we recognise, for example, the level of experience required of course providers and suggestions on possible course content is provided here.


The following courses providers have registered with JNCC to provide MMO training courses for observers working within the UKCS. All MMO courses listed below comply to JNCC standards; however there are a variety of MMO courses available, from one day classroom based courses to three day courses with elements of fieldwork.  Regardless of these varying elements, all courses comply to JNCC standards and cover the required training elements.  When considering the MMO courses listed below, potential MMO trainees should consider the experience they have to date in relation to marine mammal work in order to help decide which course is most appropriate to their training needs. 


Please direct all enquiries regarding the costing and timing of such courses to the course providers.


MMO Training provided by Carolyn Barton
Carolyn Barton
Tel: +44(0)1381610261
Booking contact: 
Course information available at:        
MMO Training provided by Gardline Ltd
Tel: +44(0)1493 845600
Booking contact:
Course information available at:
Address: Gardline Ltd (Gardline Environmental Division), Admiralty Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR30 3NG
MMO Training provided by Scanning Ocean Sectors
Yvonne Miles
Tel: +44(0)790 5021 631
Booking contact:
Course information available at:
Address: Scanning Ocean Sectors, 11 Effra Mansions, Crownstone Road, London, SW2 1LU
MMO Training provided by Intelligent Ocean
Alison Gill
Tel: +44(0)208 123 6965
Booking contact:
Course information available at:
Address: Intelligent Ocean, 21 Pentney Lakes, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE32 1LE
MMO Training provided by Seiche Measurements Limited
Sarah Hancock (Training Coordinator)
Tel number: +44 (0)1409 404050
Mobile: 07825544436
Booking Contact:
Course information available at:
Address: Bradworthy Industrial Estate, Langdon Road, Bradworthy, Holsworthy, Devon, EX22 7SF

Registration of a new MMO course

If you wish to register a new course then please contact:
Offshore Industry Advisor:        Tel: +44(0)1224 266 556
Please also follow this link to the Marine Mammal Observer Association (MMOA).