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The global environment brought into focus

JNCC’s Global Impacts Programme is examining the links between the UK economy and global biodiversity. Based on a set of thematic studies of imported commodities (biofuels, food and forestry products) and UK foreign investment, JNCC is building a picture of these links in terms of both key trade and investment partners and the global ecosystems that support our economy.


JNCC;s Tony Weighell (left) with Kew's Paul Smith at the London Stock Exchange © JNCC

To draw attention to the trade and investment links between the UK economy and global biodiversity, JNCC hosted an event at the London Stock Exchange on 28 January. Attended by over 40 representatives from a range of organisations, the event highlighted current and future JNCC work in this area. It also stressed the responsibility and roles of the UK government in recognising our dependence on overseas ecosystems for food and fuel, the potential effects on ecosystems, and the responsibilities of UK corporations operating around the world.


During a period when global food and fuel security is creating increased pressure for land-use change, much of it in areas of high biodiversity value, there is a clear need to identify where and how these pressures will arise and the roles and responsibilities of the UK economy, government and business. The JNCC programme is designed to contribute to this horizon scanning exercise, identifying where the impacts of UK economic growth may fall in the wider world.


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