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3 Hardware requirements


System Requirements for a standalone installation


The following guidelines illustrate the specification of machines that will give reasonable performance in Recorder 6.  It is possible to use lower specification machines although the performance is reduced.  Using less than 256MB RAM on a machine running MSDE provides very poor performance in most cases.

  • Processor:     Intel Pentium 3 processor or later, 800MHz minimum
  • Memory:          512MB RAM
  • Hard disk:       3GB disk space minimum (10GB recommended)
  • Software:         Windows 98 (SP1) or later; Internet Explorer 5 or later


Note that when running Recorder 6 on a laptop with 256 MB RAM some processes were found to take over twice as long as on a desktop with 512 MB RAM.


The hardware requirements for network installations are specified in the associated installation guide.


Please note that Recorder 6 requires higher specification computers than Recorder 2002.  It is unlikely that users will experience problems running Recorder 6 on a fairly new computer but older computers may not be able to run it satisfactorily.  A suitable back-up device should be available.