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5 The Recorder 6 database




The SQL Server database

Data entered into Recorder 6 is stored in a SQL Server database usually called NBNData_Data.MDF.


In a standard standalone installation using an MSDE instance called RECORDER this will typically be found in:


  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$RECORDER\Data along with its associated log file NBNData_log.LDF.


As explained in Section 2, NBNData_Data.MDF contains all the tables from the Recorder 2002 equivalents nbndata.mdb, nbndict.mdb, Index_Taxon_Group, Name & Synonym.mdb.


NBNData_Data.MDF contains over 150 related tables.  The design of this database is based on the NBN Data Model, documentation for which is available in the technical documentation section of this website.  The links to follow are Main Page – Data Models (not Recorder 6 – Data Model).  The SQL Server database can be viewed and queried using tools such as SQL Server Management Studio Express, although it should be noted that the database structure is very complex and will require time and effort to master.  As with Recorder 2002, care must be exercised when using the database outside Recorder 6 as users could easily alter the data in a way that will cause problems with running the system.  Some such problems may prove very serious.


The linked Access database

Reporting in the system will meet many of a user’s needs, but perhaps not all, so being able to supplement the reporting capabilities of the system via Microsoft Access may prove useful.  Users of Recorder 2002 were able to do this, so to enable them to use Access with Recorder 6, JNCC have provided an Access 97 database called NBNData.mdb or nbndata.mdb in the Recorder 6 Database folder.  This should be created when Recorder 6 is installed.  It contains links to the Recorder 6 SQL Server database and can be used in much the same way as using Access on the Recorder 2002 database.


Please note that dates are handled differently in SQL Server.  See the Documentation Wiki for more information.  The links to follow are: Documentation Wiki – Recorder 6 – Data Entry – Vague Dates.


Also note that it is not uncommon for a Recorder 6 installation to fail to create a working version of NBNData.mdb.  A tool is available for creating it in these circumstances – please contact the supplier of your copy of Recorder, or any of the Recorder suppliers for details.  Also, the Network Installation Guide recommends that it be removed if users are concerned about the security threat it poses.


ODBC Connection

The database can also be accessed through an ODBC connection.  For an example, see the article called ‘Using the Reporting Snapshot Tool to link Recorder 6 to MapInfo’ in the Documentation Wiki.  The links to follow are: Documentation Wiki – Recorder 6 – Third-party Tools.