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6 Migrating from recorder 2002 to Recorder 6



The Recorder 6 installation CDs have a facility on them to transfer users’ data from Recorder 2002 to Recorder 6.  The installation guides provide some information on the transfer process but more details are in a document called ‘Guidance on transferring Recorder 2002 data to Recorder 6 version 6.13.2’.


In summary the procedure is:


  • Install Recorder 6 using the Site ID and Verification key for your Recorder 2002 system;
  • Compact your Recorder 2002 database.  If this fails, clear the corruptions before proceeding;
  • Copy your data from Recorder 2002 to Recorder 6 as instructed in the above guide.  If errors are detected details will be stored in UpgradeErrors.mdb in the Database folder in your Recorder 2002 system;
  • Clear any errors related to user added data in UpgradeErrors.mdb in Recorder 2002 and copy your data from Recorder 2002 to Recorder 6 again.  Repeat this process until no errors are reported in user added data.


You can then test Recorder 6 to ensure you are happy to go live with it.  As explained in the guide, Recorder 2002 must remain the ONLY live system until you are ready to go live with Recorder 6 as data entered into Recorder 6 will be lost if you do the transfer again.  If you would like assistance with your transfer please contact the supplier of your copy of Recorder, or any of the Recorder suppliers listed on the Recorder Software web site for a quote.