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7 Upgrades

JNCC release upgrades to Recorder 6 periodically.  When they are issued they will be made available for users to download from the Download Latest Version section of the Recorder 6 web-site.  Please check this web-site from time to time for more information, or alternatively, watch for details in the Recorder section of the NBN forum – see the next section for details.  As stated in the introduction, the latest version as at March 2009 is


There are two types of upgrades to Recorder 6: software and dictionary upgrades.  The Dictionary Upgrade kit was introduced with version to enable software and dictionary upgrades to be issued independently.  This means that a dictionary upgrade no longer has to wait for the next software upgrade.  Dictionary upgrades come in the form of upgrade files that need to be placed in the Dictionary Upgrade Kit’s Scripts folder prior to running the DictionaryUpgrade.exe file – see Download Dictionary Downloads for full details.  If Recorder 6 is installed using a version 6.13a CD the dictionary will contain all the updates in the upgrade files up to and including 0000000E.sql, but 0000000F.sql has come out since.


Release notes usually accompany each software upgrade.  The release notes for version can be found in the Documentation folder on the version 6.13a installation CDs.  These list the changes and new features in the particular release/upgrade but for the new features there is more information in the Help in Recorder 6 – see Help – Help which takes you to the opening page of the Help where there is a section headed ‘Significant changes in Recorder 6 version 6.13’.  This lists all the new features with links to where full information about them is found.  The release notes for version are in the post on the NBN Forum by Lynn Heeley 14/11/08.  Version 6.13 contains many new facilities which will be particularly useful to many users – please refer to the Help for details as only a selection of them are covered in this document.


The Help in Recorder 6 also contains information on:


  • Upgrading the software, see Help – Tasks on the Contents tab – Upgrading Recorder;
  • Updating the dictionaries, see Help – Tasks on the Contents tab – Dictionaries and term-lists – Updating the dictionaries and/or the instructions in the Dictionary Downloads section of the Recorder 6 web-site.




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