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8 Documentation


As in Recorder 2002, the main source of documentation is the Windows style Help within the system.  The Help menu item gives access to all the help via standard Contents, Index or Search tabs.  Alternatively, the function key F1 for context sensitive help, will open the Help at the topic appropriate to the window in which the cursor is currently located, although this doesn’t yet work consistently.


Details of the new features and updates in Recorder 6 can be found under Version history on the first page of the help – see Help – Help.  Topics of particular note are mentioned elsewhere in this document.


JNCC operate a forum to enable users to exchange information about Recorder and the NBN.  It can be accessed at  It replaces the Recorder e-group that was in operation from September 2003 onwards but became unreliable in that not all the e-mails sent to it were received by other members of the group.  JNCC announce upgrades on this forum.


A useful document on Recorder 6 can be downloaded using the link in the post on the NBN Forum by Sarah Shaw 1/05/07:  It was written as a training handout by Stuart Ball at JNCC as part of the project they did in the Falklands early in 2007 but most of it is equally applicable for the UK.  It was designed for new users but many existing users may also find it helpful.


The Help in Recorder 6 contains much useful information but unfortunately not all of it has been updated satisfactorily for each release.  JNCC is working to correct its shortcomings with significant improvements in the last two major releases.  If the Help does not display correctly in your system please contact your supplier for details of how to correct this problem.


A Documentation Wiki for Recorder can be accessed from this site which, although far from comprehensive, does contain some useful information.