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10 Data Entry

The main difference between data entry in Recorder 2002 and Recorder 6 is the ability to restrict the searches for taxa to the preferred lists.  As described in the previous section, this can be done via the General tab in Tools – Options or via the Find Taxon box that appears when finding taxa, either for data entry or in the dictionary itself.


The ability to assign tags to surveys so that they can be grouped together into folders in the observation hierarchy was introduced in version  For details follow the links in the appropriate topic under the heading ‘Significant changes in Recorder 6 version 6.13’ on the opening page of the Recorder 6 Help.


Many checklists, e.g. the Priority Species List (2007), the Red Data Book and Wildlife and Countryside Act lists, provide taxon status information for use in reporting.  In Recorder 6, these cannot be used for data entry.


An Ownership tab on Survey Events allows users to record who owns, funds or has the copyright of the data.  The Survey Event Owner Type is a term list that users can add to in the usual way.


Recorder 6 enables users to compile a list of keywords that can be assigned to Documents in the Document list.  The window is accessed by selecting Tools – Enhanced Termlists from the Main menu.  Once keywords have been added to this list they can be added to documents using the new Keywords tab in the Documents list.  Having added keywords to documents it is then possible to search for documents with particular keywords using the ‘Search for Reference Keywords’ box that has been added to the Find Document dialogue box.  See Help for more information.


As well as these changes there have been significant changes to the Import wizard – see Importing Data.




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