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13 Exporting data

When exporting data to be imported into another copy of Recorder it is recommended that the Export Type of NBN Access Database (zipped) is used.  This method produces a smaller file that exports and imports more quickly.  The exception to this is when data is to be exported from Recorder 6 and imported into Recorder 2002.  In this case it is necessary to use the Export Type of NBN Data because this option creates an .xml file which copes with the differences in data structure whereas the zipped database option does not.


Data that has been imported into Recorder 2002 from another copy of the system cannot be edited because the sending system is the custodian of the data and only the custodian can edit data.  However, in Recorder 6 the custody of the data can be reassigned to another Site ID when exporting it by ticking the ‘Reassign Data Custody’ box on the Tools – Export Data window and specifying the Site ID of the copy of the system custody is to be transferred to, etc.  Note that custody can only be reassigned for data that is ‘owned’ by the exporting system and once reassigned it will not be possible to edit the data in the exporting system.


Confidential data can be exported in Recorder 6, if required.  To indicate that this is required tick the appropriate box on the General tab in Tools – Options.


In versions onwards, data is revalidated on export and invalid items are excluded from the export.  If users want to revalidate data prior to exporting it they can, for example, revalidate a whole survey by selecting it in the observation hierarchy, right clicking and selecting Revalidate Record.  If there are any invalid items they will be listed with the option to save the details or view the results.  To help avoid data becoming invalid changes to dates and location information in the observation hierarchy can be cascaded, e.g. if the data in a survey event is edited the system will also change the date in its sample(s) and taxon determination(s), if required.




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