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15 Mapping

The mapping facilities in Recorder 6 are provided by a commercial library of mapping routines called MapServer 5 whereas in Recorder 2002 they are provided by MapServer 4.


In Recorder 6, it is possible to have multiple base maps loaded so that users can swap from one to the other without having to reset the maps.  This is particularly useful for people who need to report on British and Irish observations using the two different national grids.  The required base maps are set up using Map – Map Options – Enabled Maps – Add.  In version, an additional base map was supplied: ‘Great Britain and Ireland outline base map’.


The Map Navigator Tool on the Map menu enables you to navigate to a specific polygon in the Map Window.  If you have drawn or imported polygons, and associated them with locations in your location hierarchy (optional) you will be able to use this tool to view a particular polygon.


If locations have been associated with a polygon on one of the map layers, a new icon just above the Cancel button on the Location Grid Squares Tab can be used to ‘Automatically extract grid squares from the associated location boundaries’.  This facility is also available on the Map menu.


Please note that towards the end of the latest version of the Network Installation Guide there is a useful section that describes how the mapping works.