Martyn Ibbotson


Martyn Ibbotson was tragically killed in a road-traffic accident in London on the evening of 9 June 2008. Martyn was the Head of Genetic Resources and Kew Sponsorship Unit at Defra. Most recently he worked on Government policy relating to access to genetic resources and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits derived from these resources (ABS) under the CBD, as well as the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources. He had spent considerable time abroad, most notably as Agricultural Attaché at the UK Embassy in Rome, and had also spent a number of years heading up the Department's wine-sponsorship Branch.


JNCC’s Paul Rose commented:

"As well as a respected, admired and immensely likeable person, Martyn was a skilled negotiator, and his input was tremendously valued within the UK, EU and international scenes for his understanding of the issues as well as his legendary language skills. His recent input at the Biodiversity Conference in Bonn was typically invaluable, and all his colleagues and friends will miss his courtesy, friendship, generosity of spirit, and kindness."