Green Week reception


An evening with Pavan Sukhdev


Guest of honour Pavan Sukhdev (left) with JNCC Chair Peter Bridgewater ©

The UK Nature and Landscape Office (UKNLO) held a successful evening reception at the residence of the UK Ambassador to the European Union in Brussels in early June. The reception coincided with the European Commission’s Green Week – where events, conferences and talks intend to raise awareness of environmental issues. JNCC’s reception subject matter mirrored the Green Week theme 'Only One Earth - don't waste it'.  


Peter Bridgewater, JNCC Chair, welcomed guests and colleagues from the European institutions, EU Member States governments and other key organisations as well as the chairmen and chief executives from the UK country conservation bodies. The UK Ambassador’s residence is a truly grand location and guests enjoyed champagne and locally sourced food.


The evening’s Guest of Honour was Mr Pavan Sukhdev, Managing Director and Head of Global Markets, Deutsche Bank India. He is also the study leader for the review of  The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) – a

study initiated by the G8 + 5 governments in 2007. An interim report was published in Bonn at the ninth Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity in May.JNCC Committee member and Chairman, CCW, John Lloyd Jones OBE (right) with David Sears from the European Economic and Social Committee ©


Mr Sukhdev explained how the essentials of life which come from ecosystems and biodiversity have no market and no price. He suggested that only when we “capture” their value and give it a price, we will be able to persuade society, and governments, to attach sufficient priority to protecting these vital services for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. He said his hope for the future was that “the business community and society will get together at a very fundamental level to redefine their cooperation in order to secure these resources”.


The subject matter of his speech was supported by a visual presentation of work being carried out in JNCC’s Global Impacts programme, linking UK consumption and production patterns and overseas investment to global biodiversity.


 The UK Nature and Landscape Office is the Brussels office for JNCC and the nature conservation bodies for The residence of the UK Ambassador to the European Union, venue for the UKNLO reception © veldeman-photo-brussels.beEngland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and aims to enhance the quality of advice provided to the UK Government, the devolved administrations and the European Institutions. Hugh Laxton, Head of the Office said: “The evening was a great success and while I am sure it reflects the importance of our Guest of Honour, it also reflects the respect JNCC and the country conservation bodies have among the EU Institutions with regard to their advice and support".



A podcast of Mr Sukhdev’s speech has been made available on the JNCC website


The TEEB report can be downloaded from


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