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Further features of Recorder 6

In addition to the key features of fast data import, flexible reporting and excellent mapping facilities there are a range of additional features that make Recorder 6 versatile and functional whilst ensuring the highest quality of data. Here are just a few of them:

Additional features of Recorder 6


  • recording cardEasy data entry through ‘recording cards’ – Recorder provides a simple record card style interface for entering records which the user can tailor to their own species list. Recorder now has built in recording cards ready to use and you can download new ones from the User Files section of this website


  • Easy export to the NBN and other systems – There are a wide range of easy-to-use export formats available including excel spreadsheets, Esri shape files and Google Earth as well as a suitable format for submitting to the NBN Gateway. In addition you can use survey tags and filters to export subsets of your data which is particularly useful for submitting records to a recording scheme or local record centre. 


  • Scalable data storage capacity – Recorder uses a Microsoft SQL Server database which allows the system to be scaled up to hold limitless numbers of records.


  • Active support network – An active on-line forum of Recorder users and a network of Approved Experts are able to help with most questions or problems encountered.


  • Good training facilities –The Approved Experts run a range of training courses but the system also includes an extensive help section and a growing volume of tutorials and documentation are available on this website. 


  • Ownership of records – To avoid problems with record duplication Recorder strictly controls record ownership and only allows the record owner to edit the details. When exporting data you can now transfer the custodianship of the exported records to the receiving system. 


  • user configuration Recorder 6Administer user access to the database - The system manager is able to configure user profiles for access to certain levels of database management and for restricting access to individual surveys.


  • High quality data - A suite of validation rules including the strict checking of the data as it is imported or entered ensures that the data held is of the very highest quality.


  • Includes maintained dictionaries – Recorder includes comprehensive dictionaries for species names (the species dictionary as used by the NBN Gateway), habitats and administrative areas which are regularly updated.


species dictionary recorder 6

  • Ability to hold a wide range of record attributes – Recorder allows a wide range of associated information to be held including information on individuals, documents and locations.


  • Long term commitment to supporting the system – There is a long term commitment from the Recorder Steering Group to maintain and support Recorder.


  • Extensible platform for addins and well documented, open and accessible data model (NBN) - The open and accessible data model enables specialist users to develop addins (Microsoft COM objects written in Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ etc.) for Recorder to provide additional functionality alongside the main Recorder application.