Nature News Issue 21 Summer 2009
Issue 21 of JNCC's Nature News.


Nature News is a way of keeping you informed of JNCC's national and international conservation work.
The following is a summary of the information that is included in this issue:Front cover Nature News Issue 21 Summer 2009

Chair's Introduction

  • Introduction by JNCC Chair Peter Bridgewater


New MD for JNCC

  • JNCC has appointed its new Managing Director


Multilateral Environmental Agreements

  • JNCC hosts one day conference


JNCC Annual Report 2008/09

  • Design at the cutting edge, combined with the latest in 'green' paper stock


New Committee Member

  • Appointment of Peter Archdale


Birds of Conservation Concern

  • The changing fortunes of Britain's birds


South Atlantic's invasives

  • Invasive species are one of the main threats to biodiversity in the UK Overseas Territories


UK seabirds under pressure

  • UK seabirds have suffered a 9% drop in numbers since 2000


Conserving geodiversity in a changing climate

  • Understanding climate change and its effects on geodiversity


New wave of marine work

  • JNCC's marine teams are expanding into new areas of work


Mapping our wealth of waders

  • JNCC supports the development of an atlas of wader flyways


Best practice for bats

  • JNCC povides UK representation at EUROBATS


Fungi SSSI guidelines

  • The colourful fungi known as waxcaps have become the focus for closer scrutiny when selecting SSSIs


JNCC helps least-developed countries in Africa with CBD reports

  • JNCC contributes to regional workshop to help 22 least-developed countries in Africa


Conservation Conversation

  • Focus on Andrew Stott, JNCC's Director of Science




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