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Recorder 2002 Resources

There are a number of resources available which can provide help and guidance on a range of subjects within Recorder 2002. As well as support and advice available from the approved Recorder experts, the Recorder Wiki and the Old Recorder category of the NBN Forum are useful reference sources for potential issues or general advice. For written assistance you can use the Help within Recorder or make use of the select library of documents which cover a range of subjects. There is also technical documentation available covering topics such as the data model and additional documents that may be of interest eg National surveys.

NBN Forum

The Recorder section of the NBN Forum, although generally focused towards Recorder 6, now has an additional category called 'Old Recorder' for users of Recorder 2000, 2002 and 3. The Forum itself is a valuable focal point for the recording community for both announcements (eg software or dictionary version releases) and troubleshooting. It is an active arena for Recorder users with a range of technical skills to assist one another with problem solving, free of charge. There are links to other related projects as well as the Recorder Wiki and a search facility. If you can't find what you're looking for on the forum you can type the following text into an internet search engine and then the words you are searching for: This cleverly restricts the search to the NBN forum and often yields better results than searching within the forum itself.


Recorder Wiki

The Recorder Wiki is a set of webpages, accessed through a link on the NBN Forum, where the user community are invited to get involved in creating posts to assist other users in completing a range of tasks related to Recorder. Existing posts can be edited and added to and can provide a very useful source of information for all Recorder users. Visitors can access and view Wiki entries but to be able to edit the Wiki you will need to register as a Forum user.


Recorder Experts

There are currently four JNCC approved Recorder experts providing support for Recorder 2002 users: Sally Rankin, Mike Weideli, ExeGesIS and Richard Weddle. As well as supplying Recorder 6 they can provide support, training and advice as well as additional services such as data transfer, customised installations and the development of larger projects to fit a range of budgets for both Recorder 2002 and 6.


Recorder Help

The .chm Recorder Help files are available within Recorder and can be accessed from the main menu bar by clicking on Help and then choosing Help again.


Documentation - Tutorials and Guides

There is a select library of written guides and tutorials covering a range of aspects of Recorder functionality. These are aimed at different user levels from introductory to more advanced and includes: Guidance on transferring data from R2002 to R6, Microsoft Access in Recorder 2002 and Recorder 6 for Recorder 2002 users.


Technical Documentation

Recorder benefits from an open and accessible data model and an extensible platform. This enables specialist users to develop addins (Microsoft COM objects written in Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ etc.) for Recorder to provide additional functionality alongside the main Recorder application. A range of technical documentation is available including the data model itself.


Additional Documents

This section includes additional documents of interest such as the National surveys about Recorder use amongst local record centres and national recording schemes.