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R2002 Technical Documentation

The technical guides available in this section document the data model and its extensible platform. The open and accessible nature of the data model enables specialist users to develop addins (Microsoft COM objects written in Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ etc.) for Recorder to provide additional functionality alongside the main Recorder application.

NBN Data Model Part 1

Part one of the documentation on the data model provides an overview and conceptual design of the model itself with specific chapters on the following modules: Survey, Locations, Contacts, Thesaurus, Collections Module and other implementations of the NBN data model such as Marine Recorder.  Download this document.

NBN Data Model Part 2

Part two of the documentation covers the physical implementation of the data model. This comprises a detailed account of application specific attributes, record identification, each table in Recorder 2002 and the Collections Module for Recorder 6. Download this document.

Technical System Design

The technical system design documents the technical specification for Recorder and is updated by Dorset Software periodically after each major version release. The contents comprise the following main sections: technical framework, system components, data details and technical solutions.  Download this document.

COM Addin Interface Specification for Recorder

This document details the full range of requirements for application extensibility in Recorder 2000 using the Component Object Model (COM).  COM uses interfaces which define properties, methods and events to achieve the required functionality.  These interfaces are defined in a type library and this type library can be accessed by both Recorder 2000 and add-in modules alike to provide a method of communication between them. The document also includes a section on how to create COM objects in Delphi 4. Download this document.