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To assist with the accurate recording of biological data the Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 Landranger series has been made available for use with Recorder. There are 812 digital map tiles (raster images) covering England, Scotland and Wales in areas of 20km by 20km. These tiles are encrypted due to licence requirements and are provided on a set of five CD's. These are available to purchase from the NBN Trust for £16.00. It should be noted that the CDs contain the installer for Recorder 2000/2002. To use the tiles in Recorder 6 a specific Recorder 6 installer (called NBN Browser Software) is required. The installer uses the linked Access database nbndata.mdb (usually located in C:/Recorder 2002/Database) and is available to download below or you can email the
Obtain the five CD set

Install the Recorder 2002 NBN Browser Software

Register as a user of the map tiles

Select the tiles you wish to use and add them to your order basket

Order the unlock keys from the NBN Trust

Install the map tiles

Known issues


Obtain the five CD set

The full Ordanance Survey 1:50,000 Landranger series is available, in encrypted form, on the five CD set along with the installer required for Recorder 2002. The CD set is designed for the selection, ordering and installation of map tiles rather than their everyday use. Therefore it is entirely acceptable to share the CD sets between Recorder users (as per the licence agreements). The CD set can be purchased from the NBN Trust for £16.00.


Install the Recorder 2000/2002 NBN Browser Software

Download the installer for the NBN Browser Software for use in Recorder 2002 or place CD 1 into the CD drive. Navigate to the Setup.exe within the zipped file or on CD 1 of the set of five CDs purchased from the NBN Trust and doubleclick the file. Click through the screens to install 'Maps for NBN ', this adds the files to the Program Manager group 'Recorder 2000'. The installation process then continues and ensures that you register as a user of the map tiles (you will only need to register once).


Register as a user of the map tiles

Enter your Recorder Site ID when prompted  and an NBN Maps Account ID will be created.

The configuration screen appears next and you need to enter your details (organisation and address) and click on the register account button to continue. You are then presented with two delivery options for the registration - via email or post. If the automated email generation does not work (ie if Outlook is not open) you will need to email the registration file to the The registration file is saved to Program Files/Recorder 2000/OSMaps/OutBox. On clicking OK you can now browse the maps and order map tiles.


Welcome screen for map browser


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Select the tiles you wish to use and add them to your order basket

Insert CD 1 when prompted after registration, click OK and wait until the Map Selector screen is displayed. The Map Selector screen displays a map of Great Britain with a 100km grid overlay. You can use the map selector to select map tiles individually by clicking on a grid square and viewing the 100km square with more detail or by selecting all of the tiles for a county, vice county of Land Ranger Map sheet. More detail is only provided for 100km squares that have land area. i.e. nothing happens if you click 100km squares that only have sea area within them. The OSMAPS.HLP file on CD 1 is a very useful help file to assist with the use of the software and includes a section on the map selector screen. It should be noted that the tiles are free of charge.


Map Selector


Click the back button to select the option to view your basket  from this screen you can add, remove, order tiles as well as saving them to order later and clearing the entire basket. To open the map selector other than at registration (ie at a later date) the NBN Map Browser program is listed under Recorder 2000 on the program menu under Start\Programs\Recorder 2000 (you will need CD1 for it to function).


Map Tiles Basket


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Order the unlock keys from the NBN Trust

Click on the 'Order Now!' button on the Map Tiles Basket screen to order your selected tiles. Again this will give you the option to send your order by email or post and saves the order file to Program Files/Recorder 2000/R2KMaps/OSMaps/OutBox (note that an email order is preferred by the NBN). Once the tiles are ordered your basket is automatically cleared.



Install the map tiles

You will receive a fax, letter or email (depending on your chosen method) containing your unlock keys and instructions for installing the tiles. If you have received your unlock keys by email save the attached file in your OSMaps 'Inbox' (usually C:\Program Files\Recorder 2000\R2KMaps\InBox) and follow the steps below. As well as the option to 'Unlock File' there is also 'Unlock Code' for a single code and 'Unlock Text' where you can paste in more than one code.

  • Open the map selector (Start\Programs\Recorder 2000\NBN Map Browser)
  • Choose the third option: 'Install map tile(s)'
  • On the unlock screen choose the option - 'Unlock File'
  • Open the attached file you have saved and click 'Extract'
  • Check the tiles you have ordered are in the list and press OK.
  • You will then be instructed to insert each of the CDs in turn in order to unlock the tiles.


On next opening the map window in Recorder 2000/2002 the tiles will be loaded. This results in a slight delay each time you open the map window as the tiles are reloaded onto the map each time. Each of the map tiles can be switched on and off by clicking the checkbox to the left of the tile name.


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Known issues


Missing nbndata.mdb (linked Access database)

Both the Recorder 2000/2002 and Recorder 6 installers use the lnked Access database nbndata.mdb to function. The database is usually located in C:\Recorder 2002\Database. If the database is not present or not functioning correctly the installer cannot install the NBN Browser Software for the OS Map tiles and the following error will occur:


mapping error


Unfortunately there is no method of recreating the linked Access database in Recorder 2000 and 2002.


Use of incorrect installer

If you use the Recorder 2000/2002 installer instead of the Recorder 6 installer (or vice versa) the software cannot install correctly. It is looking for the Recorder 2002 database in Program files and cannot find it (either because it is not installed or because it is installed in a  custom location). Again, the 'Recorder not properly installed or set-up: Can't find registry entries' error message will be displayed.


Loading large numbers of tiles

There have been reports of difficulties encountered with loading large numbers of tiles (eg over 50 or 80).