Better informed about species?


The otter (Lutra lutra) has nine conservation designations listed on the spreadsheet. It is included in various international agreements, national legislation and country biodiversity lists. © Lynn M. Stone/

JNCC maintains a spreadsheet of conservation designations for species in the UK, and completed a substantial update to it in August 2009, in response to user feedback.  This resource, available to download from, has expanded considerably since its origins as the Species of Conservation Concern listing produced as a part of the Biodiversity Action Plan process in 1999-2000. It now includes 19 categories of designations, including listings under international conventions/directives, national legislation, international and UK Red-listed species, and country species priority lists.



The August update has added the latest Birds of Conservation Concern list, European Protected Species, Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act Section 41/42 biodiversity lists, and has updated the status of a number of species on the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. The presentation of the spreadsheet has also been improved and a new ‘Guidance for use’ sheet incorporated into it.



The list is a useful first point of call for finding out species designation information. It can be filtered to view all designations associated with a particular species, or conversely, all species associated with a particular designation.


The updated list has also been made available to users of the Recorder software, and is available as a filter for querying the National Biodiversity Network Gateway. This is of particular value for those carrying out Environmental Impact Assessments of sites, as it enables the user to restrict the records displayed to those of species from JNCC’s collated list of designations.


“We plan to continue to update and expand the spreadsheet in the future, both to reflect changes to existing species statuses, and to increase the number of designation categories included in the collation,” said Biodiversity Information Officer Anna Robinson. “We are always pleased to receive feedback to help us to improve the spreadsheet and tailor it to user demands.”

 “It really is an excellent tool, combining all the important information into one incredibly efficient spreadsheet!” Anna Muckle, Assistant Wildlife Officer with Dorset Wildlife Trust.



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