Communicating across the globe


Karim Hodge from the Government of Anguilla, who chaired the meeting, is pictured with Biodiversity Officer Elizabeth Moore. © JNCC

Web conferencing technology brought together representatives from around the globe during an interactive, online meeting, part of a UK Overseas Territories Training and Research Programme Steering Group workshop.


The Steering Group has a core steering group of 16 people from 14 different geographical locations. Steering group members come from the UK Overseas Territories in the Caribbean, Pacific, Mediterranean and South Atlantic.


“It is neither practically, financially nor environmentally feasible to bring together the whole group face-to-face,” commented Overseas Territories Officer Tara Pelembe. “For some of the more remote islands, it would mean a trip of up to one month away for a two-day meeting.”


Over the last few months, JNCC has being exploring the best method for remote conferencing. ‘Global Crossing’ was trialled at this workshop. Remote participants spoke to each other by phone, but the interactiveness of the process was enhanced by a web component which enabled all participants to be able to see documents or presentations in real time. In addition, participants could ‘raise their hand’ on screen if they wished to speak, and were able to ‘chat’ on screen as well. The ability to directly input and amend the active document could also be handed over to each of the participants.


Tara Pelembe

Overseas Territories Officer

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