Three Acorns for JNCC


Environmental Management System

Nature conservation may be the day job but does how we conduct our day-to-day operations support this? 


JNCC has always felt that to support our work the way we conduct our business needs to be as sustainable as possible.  During development of our Sustainable Development Action Plan, it was agreed that, to ensure our business operations support our core work, we should produce an Environmental Management System (EMS).


The EMS requires JNCC to look at our work practices, identify activities with the greatest environmental impact and actively manage them to reduce these impacts.  However, environmental impacts can also be positive, e.g. our core work, so the EMS helps ensure that we deliver our nature conservation objectives as sustainably as possible.


In June 2009, JNCC’s hard work was rewarded when leading environmental auditors, NQA came in to audit the EMS, and JNCC has received the British Standard BS8555 Phase 3 accreditation.


In September 2009, JNCC’s Audit and Risk Management Committee (ARMC) reviewed the audit report.  ARMC agreed that the EMS was the appropriate process to review, monitor and report our environmental performance, and that JNCC should continue working towards the international standard ISO 14001 through the BS8555 phased route. Phase 4 will require JNCC to implement the management system and further documente the internal auditing processes and recording requirements. 


The British Standard was developed to enable small businesses to work towards ISO 14001 through a series of manageable phases. With six phases, the last being full ISO certification, BS8555 has allowed JNCC to work at an appropriate pace. 


Amanda Gregory

Policy Adviser

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