Carbon and upland nature conservation

School of Geography, University of Leeds held on 4th November 2009



Purpose of the meeting: This meeting was convened to draw together some of the key researchers working on carbon and upland nature conservation issues.


The main focus for the meeting was to understand the relationships between the various different vegetation types (including regional, altitudinal and topographical effects) and carbon sequestration and emissions.

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Geomorphological controls on peatland function and carbon balance

Martin Evans

Upland Environments Research Unit, School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester



(PDF,  2.5 mb)


Fluvial carbon flux within and from peatlands: impacts of management

Joseph Holden

School of Geography, University of Leeds



(PDF, 1.8 mb )


Evidence for a mechanism driving recent observed trends in DOC (dissolved organic carbon) release from upland peat

Ben Clutterbuck and Adrian Yallop

Spatial Ecology, Integrated Environmental Sciences Institute, School of Applied Sciences, Cranfield University.




Carbon storage in UK peatlands

Fred Worrall,

Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of Durham



(PDF, 1.8 mb )


The Peat Project

Matthew Shepherd and Alistair Crowle

Natural England



(PDF, 3.9 mb )


Addressing evidence gaps in greenhouse gas and carbon flux from UK peatlands

Mark Crick

Senior Surveillance Adviser


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