EU Commission: Future of EU2020 Strategy
JNCC Consultation 1005
Submission by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee
Enclosed is JNCC's response to a consultation from the EU Commission on the Future of EU2020 Strategy. Submitted on 21st January 2010.

Summary of key points

JNCC recognises and supports the need for a forward looking long-term approach in the EU that will address economic, social and environmental issues during the next 10 years and beyond, taking society in a holistic and cohesive way towards a more sustainable end-point.  On that basis, JNCC considers it is important to extend the period for consultation and delay the decision on the final strategy until the June Council at the earliest.
While it is imperative for the EU to take action to address the current economic crisis, this cannot be implemented in isolation from the deeper measures needed to avert a much greater crisis already facing the world as a result of climate change.
Increasing the resilience of economy, society and the environment is essential in the face of this major environmental threat.  Promoting a low carbon economy alone is not sufficient.  This must be accompanied by strong fiscal or other measures to minimise the depletion of natural resources and pressure on ecosystems.
The importance of biodiversity and ecosystems in mitigation and adaptation to climate change should not be under-estimated and, indeed, are recognised in a recent Commission Communication.  Equally, the same communication recognises the economic value of biodiversity and ecosystems.  Their ongoing annual loss, estimated to be as much as 50 billion Euros, could compromise the sustainability of any economic recovery.
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Please cite as: JNCC Consultation 1005, (2010), EU Commission: Future of EU2020 Strategy, Submission by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee