What do we mean by research?

Research is the gathering and analysis of data or information to examine a concept or hypothesis. While surveillance is often seen as a form of research, this work is primarily covered by other JNCC programmes (Surveillance and monitoring) although the development and testing of the methods are included as a research activity. Research also includes selected activities to help knowledge-sharing, such as systematic reviews of evidence.


The results from research allow us to interpret biodiversity changes, improve the ways in which we measure biodiversity and help understand ecosystems and the services they provide. They can also reveal the ways in which regulation and management policies influence change.


Many of the pressures on biodiversity are large scale and complex, and so collaboration in research, both between countries and management sectors, brings benefits and can save money. A number of research co-ordination bodies exist in the UK and Europe to help clarify and prioritise research needs in support of biodiversity conservation and sustainable environmental management.


JNCC has a role in funding biodiversity research. It also advises Government on research priorities that are relevant to the UK and its Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies. To help fulfil both roles JNCC is a member of several UK and European research co-ordination bodies.