Nature News 23 Spring 2010
Issue 23 Spring 2010 of JNCC's newsletter Nature News.


Nature News is a way of keeping you informed of JNCC's national and international conservation work.
The following is a summary of the information that is included in this issue:
  • Introduction to the Spring 2010 edition by Peter Bridgewater.


Butterfly Red List

  • JNCC publish new Red List assessment which shows that almost a third of butterfly species are threatened in GB.


Valuing biodiversity is the best way to save it!

  • International Year of Biodiversity event co-hosted by JNCC and Linnean Society challenges orthodox views about biodiversity loss.


Understanding change through birds

  • BTO and JNCC join forces signing a new shared programme of bird and environmental monitoring.


The Winds of Change - Balancing Energy with Biodiversity

  • The offshore wind industry is growing fast and is challenging scientists on potential environmental impacts.


Nature Knows Best - Natural Solutions

  • The immense contributions of the natural world are highlighted in this International Year of Biodiversity with a new JNCC web element called 'Natural Solutions'.


Safety in numbers - cutting costs and conserving species by sharing data

  • Improving access to biodiversity information and data
  • New measures to protect Scotland's most important sea life.


Blue Turtle Award Winner 2009

  • Without Fred Burton's dedication, blue iguanas would be extinct today.
  • Providing training on accessing funding for biodiversity conservation and the implementation of CITES.
  • JNCC and Defra focus on priorities in tackling the invasive species threat to the amazing wealth of biodiversity in the Overseas Territories.
  • Invasive lionfish are seriously threatening the coral reefs and marine biodiversity of many of the Caribbean Overseas Territories.
  • Focus on new independent Committee member Guy Duke.
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