Butterfly Red List - News in Brief


JNCC has just published The Butterfly Red List for Great Britain as part of the Species Status Assessment project.  The results of this new Red List assessment show that almost a third of butterfly species are threatened in Great Britain; two are Critically Endangered, eight Endangered and nine Vulnerable. The Critically Endangered species include the Large Blue which became extinct in Britain in 1979 but has since been reintroduced, and the High Brown Fritillary, which recently experienced a population decline of 85% over 10 years.


Red Lists use standard conservation criteria, devised by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), to track the risk of extinction of any species, enabling us to prioritise conservation action.  Red List assessments were used in the compilation of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan list of priority species, which, in turn, helped decide the country lists of species of principal importance.


This latest assessment, by Fox, Warren and Brereton, assesses all 62 resident and regularly breeding UK butterflies against the new IUCN criteria (Version 3.1), and is available to download from www.jncc.gov.uk/page-5141.