Blue Turtle Award Winner 2009


Without Fred Burton’s dedication, blue iguanas would be extinct today.  Fred’s conservation work in the Cayman Islands for over 20 years has helped to create a viable population of blue iguanas in their own protected area, and for the last nine years he has been the director of the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme.

Fred Burton receives the Blue Turtle Award from JNCC's Chair, Peter Bridgewater © JNC


Now his commitment has been recognised by JNCC, which has just awarded Fred Burton MBE the inaugural ‘Blue Turtle’.  This new award recognises outstanding nature conservation efforts by residents, volunteers and experts in the UK’s Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies.


Today the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme still relies heavily on its volunteer programme. Dedicated members of the local community feed and care for the animals in the captive breeding facility, as well as give talks and provide public education experiences.  Key volunteers from overseas also contribute time and expertise with specialist veterinary care and by radio tracking released animals.  The recovery plan for the Blue Iguana is reviewed every five years and brings together representatives from local and international environmental agencies and volunteers from the Cayman Islands.


In December 2009 JNCC celebrated Fred Burton’s dedication at a ceremony held in Peterborough. 



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