Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies: Students


The Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies research and training group is keen to work with Overseas Territories and Crown Dependency students based in UK Universities who are studying environmental courses.  Some opportunities available to these students are outlined here:


Internships at the University of Reading

As part of the UKOTs Training and Research Programme, we would like to encourage students from the UKOTs and CDs to undertake internships at the University of Reading.


University Courses

Two students from the Overseas Territories have been funded to undertake environmental courses at UK Universities:

  • Jesile Duncan from Anguilla successfully completed her Masters in Environmental Management at the University of Reading. Find out more >>
  • Helen Lazleer from Bermuda completed her BSc Applied Ecology and Conservation degree at the University of Reading (UoR)


Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies Student Environment Workshops (OTSEW)

  • A two day workshop was held at JNCC in Peterborough on 12 & 13 April 2010  for environmental students of the Overseas Territories.  The workshop identified the needs of the students and how JNCC can take action to assist with their goals.  They were given opportunities to learn more about JNCC as an organisation including current projects in the field. A report of the workshop can be found here.