OT 2010 Workshop Report

By Helen Larzleer, Claire Porteous, Luc Clerveaux, Shayla Ellick and Tara Pelembe

OTSEW 2010 workshop action



OT students studying environment issues in UK universities came together at the JNCC headquarters for a two-day workshop.

Workshop aims were:

  •  Networking
  • Needs of students leading to individual action plans
  • What should the next workshop be


Students from Bermuda (Claire and Helen), St Helena (Shayla) and TCI (Luc) were in attendance


Workshop Content

Topics discussed at the workshop included:

  • Needs assessment for students and post-grads developing into personal action plans.
  • Introduction to a range of work areas that JNCC has expertise on.
  • Exploring some opportunities for OT students while in UK.
  • Introduction to conservation websites and various online resources (e.g. Darwin projects; JNCC projects).
  • Background to environmental issues and organisational structures within the OTs.


Next Steps

  • Discussed options, dates, and topics for the next meeting
  • Discussed possible future attendance (eg Environment students, Science students or all OT students)
  • Students and JNCC will work to implement personal development plan actions
  • OT student network will be developed


Workshop  achievements

  • Participants made strong personal ties with other students and networks were established and reinforced.
  • The structure of the JNCC was explained and a better understanding of the nature of its role in the OTs was gained.
  • Gained greater awareness of the conservation challenges that the OTs are facing.
  • Gained greater awareness of relevant information sources and projects within the OTs


OTSEW 2010 workshop participants


OT Students Environmental workshop 2010 participants (right to left)  Paul Robinson - JNCC, Luc Clerveaux - student, Helen Larzleer - student, Kedell Worbys - UKOTA, Claire Porteous - Student, Tara Pelembe – JNCC, Shayla Ellick-student and Nikki Chapman - JNCC,