OT 2010 Workshop Report

By Helen Larzleer, Claire Porteous, Luc Clerveaux, Shayla Ellick and Tara Pelembe



OT students studying environment issues in UK universities came together at the JNCC headquarters for a two-day workshop.

Workshop aims were:

  •  Networking
  • Needs of students leading to individual action plans
  • What should the next workshop be


Students from Bermuda (Claire and Helen), St Helena (Shayla) and TCI (Luc) were in attendance


Workshop Content

Topics discussed at the workshop included:

  • Needs assessment for students and post-grads developing into personal action plans.
  • Introduction to a range of work areas that JNCC has expertise on.
  • Exploring some opportunities for OT students while in UK.
  • Introduction to conservation websites and various online resources (e.g. Darwin projects; JNCC projects).
  • Background to environmental issues and organisational structures within the OTs.


Next Steps

  • Discussed options, dates, and topics for the next meeting
  • Discussed possible future attendance (eg Environment students, Science students or all OT students)
  • Students and JNCC will work to implement personal development plan actions
  • OT student network will be developed


Workshop  achievements

  • Participants made strong personal ties with other students and networks were established and reinforced.
  • The structure of the JNCC was explained and a better understanding of the nature of its role in the OTs was gained.
  • Gained greater awareness of the conservation challenges that the OTs are facing.
  • Gained greater awareness of relevant information sources and projects within the OTs



OT Students Environmental workshop 2010 participants (right to left)  Paul Robinson - JNCC, Luc Clerveaux - student, Helen Larzleer - student, Kedell Worbys - UKOTA, Claire Porteous - Student, Tara Pelembe – JNCC, Shayla Ellick-student and Nikki Chapman - JNCC,




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