Councillor Raymond Williams receives the 2010 Blue Turtle Award on behalf of the St. Helena Millenium Forest ProjectBlue Turtle Award 2010 - WINNER


St Helena Millenium Forest Project


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The Millennium Forest project is one of the most innovative, ambitious and successful large-scale habitat restoration projects taking place in the Overseas Territories.  


The eastern half of St Helena was once covered with a huge swathe of endemic forest known as the Great Forest. However, by the 1700s most of the trees had been felled by settlers. By the 20th century only a smattering of endemic Gumwood trees survived.

School children at the millenium forest

In 2000, the Millennium Forest initiative was launched, with the ambitious goal of reinstating up to 250 hectares of native forest on degraded wasteland. To date, the St Helena National Trust has co-ordinated the planting of over 10,000 Gumwood trees and other endemic plants, covering 35 hectares of barren eroded ground. Already the Gumwoods in the Forest are starting to regenerate naturally, and the Trust is working with the Government Conservation Section to expand the diversity of the forest with other St Helena endemics.

Gumwoods at the Millenium Forest