Amphipod shrimp

Gitanopsis bispinosa


Very little is known about this tiny shrimp-like animal, which is found on the seabed at depths of 100-200m.  It grows to about 0.5cm long, and is similar in appearance to the common sandhoppers, which can be found jumping around washed up seaweed that has been beached by the falling tide.


European distribution

The amphipod shrimp has been recorded in the English Channel, North Sea, the Firth of Clyde, off the Orkney Isles, and east of the Shetlands.  Its range extends northwards along the coast of Norway, in Oslofjord and up to Greenland.


Amphipod Shrimp Fact

Conservation status/need

This is a UK BAP Priority Species (BAP species are now Species of Principal Importance/Priority Species).


Further information

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