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JNCC's  Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) interactive map has recently been launched. This innovative new tool provides information on the designated MPAs throughout the UK and where in our waters the habitats and species that the MPAs are designed to protect occur. It is fully integrated with other parts of the JNCC website allowing a geographical way for those with an interest in marine conservation to navigate through to our policy, MPA and protected sites pages. We’re keen to receive feedback on how useful users are finding the map and if there are any further additions or modifications that would help us share this information in the most user-friendly way. If you have any comments on your experience using the map then please .


The map is being rolled out in stages and in the future will also be used to show data which has been collected on offshore surveys along with photos and videos of our underwater world. So keep your eyes peeled for future developments over the coming months.


Contact File


Amy Ridgeway

MPA Communications Co-ordinator

Tel: +44 (0)1733 866841


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