Tackling the training challenge


Delivering training for conservation specialists in the UK Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies has received a boost with a programme of support from JNCC.


From marine spatial planning in Bermuda to Geographic Information System (GIS) training in South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, priority training has been delivered to 14 people from Government and non-Government organisations. Much of the training has been cross-territory, enabling network and relationship building across islands, some has been practical hands-on conservation and some is continuing over a longer period and will bring a higher level of specialism and qualification.  


Applications for training were submitted to JNCC by  the Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies Training and Research Programme Steering Group, which supports capacity building in the UK Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies and addresses their research needs.   


Darren Christie, South Georgia Environment Officer, is undertaking GIS training which he previously struggled to fund:

 “The Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands falls into a grey area when it comes to funding - we only have a staff of six and no training budget. We’re based in the Falklands as South Georgia is unoccupied, so funding is understandably dedicated to people working for Falklands projects. This funding initiative has been my only option and is incredibly important as I’m sure it is for others around the Territories.”


Feedback from some of the other Territories and individuals has highlighted the success of meeting their conservation needs. Natasha Williams from Ascension Island attended a two-week GIS training course on St Helena:

“As a GIS professional this course was also an opportunity to network with other GIS professionals from several different countries.”


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