Great strides in SPA review


As detailed in the last edition of Nature News (Spring 2011) a second targeted review of the current UK network of terrestrial and coastal Special Protection Areas is underway. There are three phases to the review; the first assembles up-to-date information and develops guidance; the second Phase is the actual review of the SPA network; and the last Phase will ensure all citations and documents are up-to-date.


JNCC, together with the SPA and Ramsar Scientific Working Group, is managing Phase 1. All necessary data have been gathered and great strides are being made in writing the Phase 1 report and developing a decision tool to help the countries do the actual review of the SPA suites in Phase 2.


A wealth of information has been gathered since the last review in 2001 - covering Eider genetics, bird population ecology and behaviour, case studies from the European Court of Justice, as well as indications of which birds may be under-represented in the UK SPA suite. All of this will be useful in helping review the UK’s SPA holdings.


Ant Maddock, JNCC’s Senior Biodiversity Manager stressed the need to engage all stakeholders in this review: “The input to the final report is essential because a good understanding of this work, and commentary on how it is presented to users, is vital. With this support from stakeholders, implementing Phase 2 will be much easier.”


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