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St Helena


The education materials provided below were produced by Emma Bennett for the South Atlantic Invasive Species Project for use by schools on St Helena. To make the information directly relevant twenty invasive species were selected, each with an impact in the local environment.


Information, Impact and Action Sheets

Asparagus Fern 01A | Asparagus Fern 01B  | Bilberry 02A | Bilberry 02B | Bullgrass 03A | Bullgrass 03B | Centipede 04A | Common Wasp 05A | Common Wasp 05B | Creeper 06A | Creeper 06B | Feral Cat 07A | Feral Cat 07B | Feral Goat 08A | Fuschia (Giant) 09A | Fuschia 09B | Fuschia 09C | Furze 10A | Furze 10B | Jacaranda Bug 11A | Jacaranda Bug 11B | Mexican Creeper 12A | Mexican Creeper 12B | Myna Bird 13A | Myna Bird 13B | Nargy 14A | Nargy 14B | Nutgrass 15A | Nutgrass 15B | Pheasant Tail Fern 16A | Pheasant Tail Fern 16B | Pigeon 17A | Pigeon 17B | Rat 18A | Rat 18B | Whiteweed 19A | Whiteweed 19B | Wild Mango 20A | Wild Mango 20B


Supporting Documents

Key Invasive Species List | Glossary of Terms | Distribution Map  Key | Distribution Map Glossary


Activities and Games

Activity Sheet - 30 different environmentally-related activities (PDF, 218 kb)

Pictures for Snap! Card Game - featuring St Helena species (PDF, 602 kb)

Board Game - protecting the natural environment of St Helena (PDF, 490 kb)

Invasive Species Snakes and Ladders (PDF, 166 kb)

Invasive Species Wordsearch (PDF, 123 kb)

Invasive Species Wordsearch Answers (PDF, 124 kb)



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