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Air Pollution Bulletin

The Air Pollution Bulletin provides information on our recent air pollution work. Reports and other publications are listed below.




Air Pollution Information System (APIS)

The Air Pollution Information System (APIS) is an easy to use freely available website which provides a comprehensive source of information on air pollution and the effects on habitats and species. APIS has been developed in partnership by the UK conservation agencies and regulatory agencies and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH).

APIS is a support tool for staff in the UK conservation and regulatory agencies, industry and local authorities for assessing the potential effects of air pollutants on habitats and species. As such, it aims to enable a consistent approach to air pollution assessment across the UK. Other potential users include non-governmental organisations, universities, students or anyone interested in finding out more about air pollution effects on wildlife.

APIS flyer (PDF, 973kb)


Other Resources



  • Nitrogen Deposition and the Nature Directives: Impacts and Responses: Our Shared Experiences (2014)
    Whitfield, C. & McIntosh, N.
    This report provides an overview of the presentations and discussions concerning the two themes of the workshop entitled ‘Nitrogen deposition and the Nature Directives: Impacts and Responses: Our shared Experiences’, which aimed to explore the practical solutions to reduce impacts of deposition of reactive nitrogen compounds.


  • Lichen Biomonitoring Guide (2013)
    Field guide for using epiphytic lichens to assess atmospheric nitrogen pollution effects on habitats.  This is based on research co-funded by JNCC in partnership with Sniffer and CEH.



  • Atlantic Region Natura Seminar (December 2012)
    Downloadable poster (PDF, 10.7Mb) and leaflet (PDF, 1.44Mb), summarising nitrogen deposition impacts on protected areas in the UK presented at the Atlantic Region Natura Seminar in December 2012.



  • Collation of evidence of nitrogen impacts on vegetation in relation to UK biodiversity objectives (2011)  
    This project represents the largest analysis of national vegetation data sets in relation to nitrogen deposition carried out to date.  It is reported in two parts.  The first is an analysis of eight national vegetation datasets and is presented in Report 447.  In the second part, reported in JNCC Report 449, the results of this new analysis, together with other sources of independent evidence, are interpreted in respect of implications for 'conservation commitments'.



  • Nitrogen Deposition and Natura 2000 (2009)
    Proceedings of an international workshop held in 2009, co-organised by JNCC, which reviewed the evidence of nitrogen impacts and compared assessment methodologies across Member States. It developed best practices for conducting assessments, and recommend options for consideration in future policy development.  A Summary leaflet of the workshop conclusions is also available.








  • Atmospheric nitrogen pollution impacts on biodiversity (2005)
    Phase I - Model development and testing (CR0289) report (PDF, 1.67Mb); appendices (PDF, 1Mb)
    Simon Smart et al.
    Final report to Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Joint Nature Conservation Committee and English Nature