SPA network - a second review


As reported in previous editions of Nature News (Issues 25 and 26), the review of the current UK network of terrestrial and coastal SPAs - strictly protected sites classified under the Birds Directive - is well underway.


There are three phases to this review. The first is the presentation of up-to-date guidance and data that will be used in the actual review of the SPA network in Phase 2. The delivery date of the Phase 1 report has been delayed and expectations are that the report may be ready in late 2012. This will allow members of the Scientific Working Group and the groups they represent to be consulted widely on the report’s recommendations and how they are presented.  


In addition to these recommendations and the wealth of underpinning data on bird numbers, other aspects of the Phase 1 report are being prepared including an index to key rulings of the European Court of Justice relating to the selection, classification and management of SPAs under Article 4 of the EU Birds Directive. This index is now available on the JNCC website.


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