BiodivERsA Stakeholder Engagement Workshop

Organised and hosted by JNCC, Peterborough, UK, 23–24 April 2013


As a BiodivERsa partner, JNCC organised and hosted a 2-day workshop on stakeholder engagement for BiodivERsA researchers.  The workshop was held at JNCC in Peterborough, UK, on 23 and 24 April 2013.


The aim of the workshop was to consider how and when to effectively engage stakeholders in biodiversity research.  In particular, the workshop aimed to test a draft version of the BiodivERsA Stakeholder Engagement: Best Practice Guidance (see Executive Summary (PDF, 277kb) for information), prepared by JNCC in April 2012.  The guidance is intended to support those planning and carrying out BiodivERsA research in identifying the relevant stakeholders for their work, and in designing and planning an appropriate engagement plan.  However, it is anticipated that the guidance will have a far wider relevance than just for BiodivERsA research.


Additionally, the workshop considered two other components:

(i)  Policy relevance – how research teams might develop their understanding of the policy relevance of their research; and

(ii) Criteria for assessment – how stakeholder engagement might be evaluated in the BiodivERsA research call process.


Over 30 participants were involved in the workshop, including representatives from over 20 BiodivERsA-funded projects, as well as several other invited experts on stakeholder engagement.  Participants were encouraged to discuss their experiences and share their knowledge of engagement with different stakeholders.  The workshop used a combination of presentations, invited speakers, discussion, and break-out group sessions with specific questions and activities to address particular topics and different sections of the draft guidance. 


A copy of the agenda (PDF, 81kb) for the workshop is available, and copies of the presentations (in PDF format where available) are also provided (see below).




A draft copy of the Workshop Report was produced and distributed to participants in August 2013. In addition, the outputs of the workshop, and further consultation with workshop participants were used to help inform the final version of the BiodivERsA Stakeholder Engagement Handbook, produced by JNCC in 2014.


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