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As part of our statutory responsibility to recommend Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in UK offshore waters (beyond 12 nautical miles), JNCC gathers information to help support these recommendations; either by searching and retrieving existing information, or through collaborative or commissioned survey. Once these MPAs have been identified, further information gathered through survey may be required to deliver management measures and conservation advice. JNCC survey work takes place throughout the year and our staff who join the research vessels will blog throughout the survey sharing information and images from the survey.


JNCC Offshore Survey blog

  • Back on Solid Land Blog#8

    Back on solid land!

    After a really successful survey we have made it back to solid, dry land! On this survey we have completed all our planned survey objectives and, due to the kind weather and our effective team, we have also collected additional data which will tell us even more about Greater Haig Fras MCZ!

    In total the survey:

    • Took 5 months of planning
    • Lasted 20 days
    • Involved 14 Scientists 
    • Completed 244 Video Tows
    • Collected 134 Hamon Grab Samples
    • Completed 167 Hours of Acoustic data collection

    The maps below shows the successful stations visited.

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