Annual Report and Accounts for year ending 31 March 2012
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JNCC's Annual Report and Accounts for year ending 31 March 2012

Annual Report and Accounts for year ending 31 March 2012


Chair’s and Chief Executive’s foreword

JNCC’s role is to provide evidence, information and advice on UK-wide and international nature conservation. We provide advice, in particular, to our principal funding and sponsoring bodies: the UK Government (chiefly through the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – Defra), the Scottish Government, the Welsh Government and the Department of the Environment in Northern Ireland.
In 2011/12 our work was directed towards achievement of our three inter-related strategic goals:
  • Decisions affecting the natural environment are informed by a sound UK, EU and global evidence base.
  • The UK government and devolved administrations meet their international obligations and achieve favourable outcomes for biodiversity in the UK, its Overseas Territoriesand internationally.
  • The UK’s offshore marine waters are healthy, clean and biologically diverse.


These goals can be achieved only through collaboration and co-ordination – principles that are inherent in JNCC’s constitution and modus operandi. In 2011/12 we strengthened and widened our existing partnerships with UK and devolved administrations, other statutory bodies, and non-governmental organisations. We are very grateful to our many partners for the essential contributions they have made in improving the quality of our work over the past year.
Our achievements during 2011/12 illustrate the breadth and diversity of our work:
  • Through partnerships with a range of organisations (enabling us to harness the efforts of thousands of volunteers across the UK), we published updated status and trend information for hundreds of terrestrial, freshwater and marine species, including birds, mammals, butterflies and ladybirds.
  • We worked closely with Defra and the academic community to support the establishment of the Intergovernmental Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), an international body being established with the aim of strengthening the science-policy interface for biodiversity.
  • We played the lead role in drafting a new UK Biodiversity Framework, which will complement the country environment/biodiversity strategies within the UK.
  • We supported over 20 small-scale projects and strategic initiatives that will underpin long-term capacity building in the UK’s Overseas Territories, including managing ‘environmental mainstreaming’ pilot projects in the British Virgin Islands and Falkland Islands for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  • In support of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive, we steered the development of a draft set of UK targets and indicators relating to biodiversity and ecosystem protection.
  • To contribute to the objectives of the Habitats Directive we provided formal recommendations to the Scottish Government on five draft Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) in offshore waters around Scotland, and undertook public consultation on three possible SACs in offshore waters around England.
  • We made substantial progress towards advising Defra on the identification of Marine Conservation Zones (to be finalised by July 2012 in partnership with Natural England), and advising the Scottish Government on marine protected areas (to be finalised by November 2012 in partnership with Scottish Natural Heritage and Marine Scotland). Working in partnership with the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) we undertook surveys to improve the evidence base for potential sites in offshore waters.
  • We responded to 763 requests for statutory advice on offshore industries (including oil and gas, renewables and aggregates).
  • We continued to enhance value for money by streamlining back-office functions and investing in species surveillance programmes that will achieve efficiencies in data handling.


2011/12 was a challenging year in many respects, and 2012/13 will bring equal challenges. Our business plan for 2012/13 sets out an ambitious work programme that builds on the achievements of 2011/12 and previous years. In its delivery we will continue to work closely with all our partners, remaining flexible and responsive to the evolving requirements of governments throughout the UK.
Dr P Bridgewater (Chair)      Mr MJM Yeo (Chief Executive)
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