6th UK Biodiversity Indicators Forum

10:00-17:00, 5-6 December 2012, UNEP- World Conservation Monitoring Centre, Cambridge

Agenda and workshops


The sixth UK Biodiversity Indicators Forum (BIF6) was organised by JNCC, Defra and WCMC and was held over two days on

5-6 December 2012 at UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre, Cambridge.

The objectives of the meeting were:
  • Explore options for addressing gaps in the current UK biodiversity indicator set.
  • Seek feedback from the scientific and data recording communities on relevance and robustness of different options to inform final decisions about which options to take forward.
  • Provide feedback on how indicators could be used to assess progress with international commitments in the 5th National Report.


The agenda is set out below, with links to the discussion papers and copies of the presentations.

Delegates were split into three groups (workshops) on each of the two days.

Day 1:   Habitat connectivity, Climate change and Species indicators were discussed.

Day 2:   Plant genetic resources, Ecosystem services and Global impacts were discussed.

Each session opened with a short presentation to set the scene, followed by a set of questions to address in discussion.  Six specific areas were identified as requiring further development. These areas were:


Discussion Groups:  

Day 1

5 December 2012

Day 2

6 December 2012                                                                       -                                                                          

Habitat connectivity indicators

(Options paper)

Powerpoint presentation,  by Richard Smithers (Ricardo - AEA)


Plant genetic resources

(Options paper)

Powerpoint presentation, by Jane Kloda (UNEP-WCMC)

Climate change indicators

(Discussion paper)

Powerpoint presentation,  by Richard Smithers (Ricardo - AEA)


Ecosystem services

(Discussion paper)

Powerpoint presentation by Megan Tierney (UNEP-WCMC)

Species indicators

(Background paper)

Developing a Species Indicator based on distribution data

Nick Isaac (Biological Records Centre, CEH)

(Background paper)

Powerpoint presentation, by Fiona Burns, Mark Eaton, Richard Gregory (RSPB)


Global impacts

(Background paper)

Powerpoint presentation by Chris West, Elena Dawkins, Simon Croft, David Raffaelli, William Sheate (York University)


Additional papers and presentations


The following were presented as background information at the forum:


 Using the UK Biodiversity Indicators to contribute to the Fifth National Report to the CBD (paper)

 (powerpoint presentation)


   Table 1:       Indicators against  targets

   Table 2:       Targets against indicators


Presentation of indicators and assessment of progress against the strategic plan for biodiversity 2011-2020 in the CBD 5th    National Report  http://www.cbd.int/nr5/