Report 483
The potential ecological impact of ash dieback in the UK
Mitchell, R.J. et al
Responding to the need to improve our understanding of the impacts of ash dieback on biodiversity in the UK, the Joint Nature Conservation Committee formed a consortium with the relevant agencies in each of the UK countries to commission this research work and subsequent peer review of the report between February and December 2013. The other funders were: Department of the Environment (Defra), Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA), Forestry Commission (FC), Natural England (NE), Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH).


The purpose of this report is to provide supporting scientific information to help inform the policy makers, land managers and advisers involved in management of woodlands and trees so that potential impacts of ash dieback on biodiversity are appropriately understood and considered.  This will help to promote management practices that will conserve and enhance biodiversity and the delivery of ecosystem services.
The report gives an analysis of information about the ecology and biodiversity of ash (Fraxinus excelsior) considered in the context of ash dieback, caused by a fungus, ‘Chalara’ (Chalara fraxinea or Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus).  Chalara has already affected a high proportion of ash trees in Northern Europe and is now spreading in the UKWidespread death of ash trees within the UK has the potential to impact on populations of other plant and animal species that use ash trees for feeding/breeding or as a habitat (e.g. epiphytic lichens, bryophytes, specialist invertebrates). 
JNCC webpage on Chalara fraxinea can be found here





JNCC additionally commissioned a report on:  Ash dieback: long-term monitoring of impacts on biodiversity by Hinsley, S.A. & Pocock, M.J.O. - JNCC Report No. 484

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ISSN 0963 8091
Please cite as: Mitchell, R.J., Bailey, S., Beaton, J.K., Bellamy, P.E., Brooker, R.W., Broome, A., Chetcuti, J., Eaton, S., Ellis, C.J., Faren, J., Gimona, A., Goldberg, E., Hall, J., Harmer, R., Hester, A.J., Hewison, R.L., Hodgetts, N.G., Hooper, R.J., Howe, L., Iason, G.R., Kerr, G., Littlewood, NaA., Morgan, V., Newey, S., Potts, J.M., Pozsgai, G., Ray, D., Sim, D.A., Stockan, J.A., Taylor, A.F.S. & Woodward, S. (2014) The potential ecological impact of ash dieback in the UK, JNCC Report 483, ISSN 0963 8091