Report 484
Ash dieback: long-term monitoring of impacts on biodiversity
Hinsley, S. A. & Pocock, M. J. O.
This report was compiled using the information from the pre-workshop consultations, the outputs from the workshop, and the information (and other documents) gathered by the questionnaires and related informal information requests/discussions.


The overall objective of this study was to scope-out the options for a long-term monitoring strategy of the impacts of ash dieback on biodiversity in the UK.  This objective was addressed using a 3-day facilitated workshop at CEH Wallingford, bringing together expertise from CEH, various NGOs and the statutory agencies.  The main questions addressed were: (1) What are the monitoring needs for ash dieback? (2) How suitable are existing surveys? (3) How does current monitoring need to be enhanced or extended?


JNCC webpage on Chalara fraxinea  available here






JNCC additionally comissioned a report on: The potential ecological impact of ash dieback in the UK and associated access database - JNCC Report 483


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ISSN 0963 8901
Please cite as: Hinsley, S. A. & Pocock, M. J. O., (2014), Ash dieback: long-term monitoring of impacts on biodiversity, JNCC Report 484, ISSN 0963 8901