10th UK Report for Article 12 of the EU Birds Directive for the period 2008-2012

This report follows the new format for reporting on implementation of the Birds Directive agreed at European level  in 2011. Previous UK reports available>>> .  


The report format includes both a General Report (Annex 1) on the implementation of the Directive, and a Bird Species Status and Trends Report containing individual assessments for all relevant bird species, using an EU level agreed format.  The UK report covers 319 bird species.  Following public consultation and government sign-off, the final UK report was submitted to the European Commission in January 2014. 

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The links below provide data and information, about, or included as part of the 10th UK report in a range of different formats.


Background information

  • Explanatory briefing on draft 10th report (issued as part of public consultation in autumn 2013) including information on methodologies adopted and acknowledgements to data providers.


Report elements (final working documents)

Explanations of field codes and definitions>>>


Formal report


Citation of report

Joint Nature Conservation Committee  2013.  10th Report by the United Kingdom under Article 12 on the implementation of the Directive on the conservation of wild birds (2009/147/EC) from January 2008 to December 2012.  JNCC, Peterborough.


Next steps

The UK Article 12 report will contribute national data and information to be used at international scales to produce the following assessments:

  • An IUCN regional Red List of European birds (to be produced in late 2014 by BirdLife International with funding from the European Commission).
  • A consolidated biodiversity assessment summarising information reported by the Article 12 process (also with the Article 17 process of the Habitats Directive) to be published by the European Environment Agency in early 2015.
  • Birds in Europe 3: a continental-scale assessment to be published by BirdLife International in 2015.


Previous UK Article 12 reports

Previous reports cover the period 1983-2007 and those that are available online are listed below.  The other reports are currently not available online.


EU reports synthesising UK and other Member State national reports are linked below:


If you have any questions please contact David Stroud or Jessa Battersby at JNCC, either by email to  and  or  by telephone (+44 (0) 1733 866810  and 866808).