JNCC's Triennial Review


The Triennial Review of JNCC concluded that the organisation is very much valued for its record of delivering Government environmental priorities, respected by partners and customers alike and provides good value to Defra and the devolved administrations.


The review was undertaken jointly by Defra and the devolved administrations, and views were sought from a wide range of stakeholders. The review considered whether any reforms would achieve better delivery of high-quality nature-conservation evidence and advice to Government and JNCC customers, and also JNCC’s compliance with principles of good corporate governance.


The review found the functions the organisation carries out on behalf of Government are necessary, and JNCC is broadly the right body for delivering these functions. A number of changes which would further increase the effectiveness of the organisation were identified and these are summarised in the review's conclusions.


Good progress is being made to implement the conclusions of the review:


  • we are enhancing our engagement with civil society by reinvigorating and extending the fora through which we engage with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on UK nature conservation issues including those in the Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies;
  • we are reviewing JNCC's internal arrangements to provide assurance that we are able to promote high-quality science, based on agreed priorities and provide a clear voice for the UK nature conservation bodies nationally and abroad. We are introducing a new evidence quality policy and Joint Committee is increasing its role in developing science thinking on key nature conservation issues;
  • we are strengthening our accountability to sponsors. We have worked with sponsors to propose more transparent funding arrangements and to strengthen the representation of their views at Joint Committee and through other fora. The Joint Committee have also simplified their governance arrangements to increase transparency;
  • the Joint Committee has delegated to Natural England responsibility for renewables casework in English offshore waters to provide a more streamlined and efficient service to customers.


The Triennial Review and action plan is available on the website, and a full implementation report will be available in June 2014.



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Director of Corporate Services

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